Ashley Horner is a fitness model, celebrity, hybrid athlete, and trainer whose reach and influence extend globally. Her career has seen her establish a strong influence working with military personnel, as Ashley has helped train American SWAT teams as well as personnel at the United States Embassy in France.

Build & Burn Challenge

4-Week Challenge
Bringing in 2024 with heat! This program is all about building and burning. Everyday we will build our strength by isolating our main muscle group of the day, working with a variety of rep ranges, and hitting accessory lifting to sculpt. Then each day will end with a grueling HIIT finisher on a treadmill or cardio equipment of your choice.

We will burnnn in 2024 – summer won’t be hot enough for you after this 4 week challenge is complete! It all starts Monday January 8th – Let’s Go!


Sweet Cakes 2 | 4-Week Glute Trainer

 Now available as an ebook or through my app!

Introducing the ultimate 4 week glute training program…SWEET CAKES 2! This program is designed to help you achieve the perfect bubble hard booty you’ve always wanted!

This program was created for those who are serious about getting results, with 5 days of intense training each week. SWEET CAKES 2 focuses exclusively on glute training, delivering targeted exercises and routines that will help you build the muscle and definition you need to rock any outfit with confidence. With a variety of exercises and techniques, my program is designed to keep your muscles guessing and help you break through plateaus for maximum results.

Bonus video material through the app: Visit my app now (remember you do not need to be a subscriber to my app to access this program) and when purchased through my app you also get video demonstrations for each movement so you can see exactly how I’m doing it.

Don’t wait any longer to get the booty of your dreams – sign up for my 4 week glute training program today and get a burnin!

Get the Ashley Horner App

That’s right – we have an App for that.

We listened and we learned – to give you the best user experience possible we have created an app. The new Ashley Horner App gives subscribers access to exclusive programs great for all fitness levels, an exercise video library to help with proper form, Transform You Challenges, Message Directly with Ashley, and more.

“Workout with me anytime, anywhere with my new app!”

Horner Elite
Get Personal Training From Ashley

If you’re looking for a trainer who can help you achieve your fitness goals and get you in the best shape of your life, Ashley Horner is the perfect choice. Get customized training that is based on YOUR GOALS, written based on YOUR BODY TYPE, and YOUR CURRENT FITNESS LEVEL, and YOUR SCHEDULE. Dont let this opportunity pass you by. Today is a great day to start your path to greatness.

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Reborn with Ashley Horner

Your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life starts here. Ashley Horner is a fitness celebrity, entrepreneur, ultra-runner, triathlete, wife, and mother who’s passionate about helping others live to their full potential.

Each week on Reborn, you’ll hear insights from Ashley and her guests about fitness, pursuing your passions, relationships, nutrition, parenting, personal reinvention, and a lot more! With new episodes every week, Reborn is your regular dose of inspiration and motivation that will help you go from where you are now to where you want to be.

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