Magnify You was the Best Gift I have ever Received
Transition your life so that you can wakeup and workout

Ashley Horners Magnify You Training Program Review

Let’s face it – early morning workouts are not for everyone. And sometimes you look at the next page in your trainer or at the WOD and think “there’s no way I can fit that into my day.” But if you lead a busy lifestyle like I do, getting up and hitting your training hard first thing in the morning is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

For me, busy is an understatement. I am one of those women who at 19 years old became blinded by love and dropped out of Mount Holyoke to move across the country and get married. After my 15 year marriage and a second 6 year “rebound” relationship ended, I woke up one morning single with beautiful two teenage athletes and facing the hard reality of the cost of living here in Oregon. I started quantifying what it would take to keep a roof over our heads AND their sports fees paid. I also thought a lot about how to be the best leader of my household, so that I could be proud of the example I was setting for them and be happy without regrets. This lead to me not only finding a second part-time job, but also going back to college to finish my degree.

Because of my girls’ sports, weekends are often spent on the road, traveling to tournaments. Week nights are spent running from one practice to another or at games where I often spend that 90-120 minutes of “dead time” on a conference call or doing homework. Both of my jobs are flexible and can be done from home, but my total number of work hours need to add up to about 60 per week in order for me to “make it” here – that means that I work a lot, whenever and wherever I can.

I was introduced to the Ashley Horner training programs when I was given the gift of Magnify You from one of my best friends, Shae. My first reaction was to have her ask for a refund – that that there was no way I could ever complete an AH trainer because was barely able to fit the 30 minute BeachBody DVDs my sister had sent to me. I asked Shae where the heck the estimated 2 hours a day would come from and told her she was nuts. But, at Shae’s insistence, I agreed to try.

I have always been that girl who went to bed late and slept in. I’m famous for sending out work e-mails at 2:45 AM. But this new “trial” meant that every night I needed to be in bed by about 9:30 because every morning, at 5ish AM Shae would punch in the code and my garage door would open … and we would start our workout.

I have learned to use a before bed routine in order to be successful, and when I do this, it actually helps me get to sleep at a decent hour (winding down). I do things like pack my school and office bags the night before; make sure my purse is cleaned out and where I know to grab it/my car keys in the morning. I set up my shaker bottles the night before (one with pre-workout, one with protein) so that all I have to do is add water. My mom bought me a coffee pot with a timer (and it grinds the beans – that aroma on its own is incentive to wake up!). I even put the pet food on the counter the night before so all I have to do is dump kibbles into their dishes. And, what seems to be the biggest key towards success, every night, I work on a little bit of laundry, and as I’m doing that, I plan my next day’s wardrobe, set my workout clothes on my bathroom counter (including my headband, socks and shoes so I never have to go hunting for them).

The coolest part of this before bed routine and wind-down prep work is that my girls have started to follow my example, my oldest has joined me in prep-cooking, and often, they have their clothes

set out and ready and their bags packed and by the door to grab on the way out the next day. As a family, we have learned that preparation for the next day is the key to my early morning success.

As a family, we have learned that preparation for the next day is the key to “mom’s” early morning success.

In reality, Magnify You was a gift of a new life for me. Instead of me putting myself off to take care of (my kids, one of the companies I work for, a friend, my animals, name something that we single moms care for) – I am taking care of ME. Every morning, I wake up and love myself. Every night, I’m sleeping. Every day, I’m eating well. It’s all thoughtfully planned now, and boundaries have been set up for work, kids and friends. I no longer feel like I’m being run by my life, instead, I feel like I’m in charge of my life, living it to the fullest and able to enjoy it.

Ashley Horner Magnify You eBook

Ashley Horner’s Magnify You Training Program

My first Transform You challenge, I did Magnify You. One round of MY turned into a second. The second incorporated Sweet Cakes and Crux (who has time for adding programming? THIS GIRL because she started to get up at 4:45 AM, not 5). Sadly, during the second challenge, Shae injured her knee and is still in rehab. Gladly, she fully supported me finishing the program without her, no guilt. She kept cheering me, texting and kept me inspired, so I kept waking up. That was my second Transform You Challenge, which, I am so proud and humbled to say, that I won. Magnify You transitioned into Pipehitter, I then played with Momentum and Becoming Extraordinary, but have settled in and am mid-way through a hybrid of Pipehitter2 and CrossFit/Olympic Lifting classes at this point.  And I’m up, hitting my training hard first thing in the morning, 6 days a week, loving myself and leading my family by example.

Top Tip: Alarms
If you are having a hard time waking up and losing time because you are hitting snooze repeatedly, set up a buddy network. Ask Angelina. I set up an alarm that woke me up at 4:30 AM my time because she put up a post on the Becoming Extraordinary Facebook Group saying she needed the help. Or, ask Jason, my remote coach who has become like a best friend. I get a “good morning” text pretty much every day right around 4:45 – and responding to this wakes me up more than any alarm ever will <3.
You can also use your phone and set up alarms for different purposes and days if your routine changes. Here’s my current iPhone showing you that not all days are the same … mine does because on some days, I go to CrossFit in the morning, some days I have Olga (personal trainer provided by work) and then I also have alarms to make sure my workout is on track (like by 5:20, I should be into Pipehitter, not still stretching, warming-up or rowing).

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Reactions to a 4:45 wakeup time and reasons to wake up and workout as told by my followers

  • Because the kids and husband are still sleeping, and it’s my only time to myself. –sj
  • There’s no excuse not to. – pc
  • I think dedication and discipline when I hear you get up at 4:45! – a
  • You have to make time to workout, not find time. –a
  • I wish I could workout that early, but you get it in when you can. I have to get up that early to get ready for work and get the kids to school. –m
  • That’s the only way I can workout … if I get up early. –cl
  • Oh my gawd! That’s soooo early! You are crazy! – At least that’s what people say to me. –mk