8 Tips for Getting into Fitness on ashleyhorner.co
Here are the things I wish I had done differently in the beginning of my fitness journey. These are great tips for people that are new to fitness.
First, figure out what your body needs to maintain weight. I know when you’re trying to lose weight all you think about is cutting calories to get to that “goal” number. But try to hit that pause button and figure out your own personal baseline. Whether it’s by eating clean, intuitive eating, macros, calories. Doesn’t matter just find out what you need to eat to maintain your current weight. It’ll make life so much easier when you want to lose weight, build muscle or just maintain. My main goal with food is to eat as much as humanly possible for whatever goal I’m trying to achieve at any given time, because well carbs are life, just saying.
Work Your Whole Body
Next, don’t skip out on certain body parts. I was always told I had great legs growing up. Yeah guess what? I skipped leg day one to many times and now I’m working my ass off to try and build them. Stay the course. I promise it will pay off.
Stretch It Out
Also flexibility plays a huge role in strength training. Without full range of motion, how are you suppose to reach your full potential? So take some time after your workout to stretch out those tight areas.
Make Goals
Always have a goal! I usually set a goal, crush it. Then back peddle for a couple weeks because I haven’t figured out my next goal. Get prepared and be prepared. It can be anything. Grow your butt, get off blood pressure medication, PR your deadlift, finish Pipehitter. It doesn’t matter. Just have a goal and follow through. A lot of people think fitness is all physical. When in reality it’s more mental than anything. Getting that last rep, waking up at 4am, eating food to fuel your body. Your body will do more then you think. You just have to mentally be in the game.
Enjoy the Fitness Journey
If you were to tell me 5 years ago that I would love the fitness lifestyle I would have laughed at you while shoving food in my face (in large amounts). I struggled through the first year of the lifestyle. Then one day it became a need vs a have-to. Through the struggle I learned to love what my body can do. I love seeing what little tweaks to my diet and/or training can do. Try to learn as much as you can about the process and enjoy it. I mean really enjoy it. Your mind and body will thank you.
Love Your Workouts
Find something that you love doing and do it! I’m not saying to stick to the same thing everyday. But if you like yoga then incorporate it into your training. In the last couple of months I’ve lost my footing. I was working out everyday but I didn’t love what I was doing. I would just show up and go through the motions. So I went back to what made me fall in love with training (hint: it’s Ashley’s program Magnify You) something about picking up heavy weights just makes my heart smile. Needless to say I’m back on track and loving my workouts again.
Challenge Yourself
Along with doing something you love. Set challenges for yourself. Do something you loathe. For me that’s running. I flat out can’t stand running. But guess what? I now run at least a mile every day. Do I wish I could skip it and go lift all things heavy? Yup. Every single time my foot hits the ground. But I have goals and one is to improve on my running. So running it is.
Make Friends with Similar Goals
Lastly, surround yourself with like minded people. This one can be a tough one. Sometimes people in our lives just don’t understand why we do what we do. But it’s always nice to have some like minded people within arms reach. These people don’t ask silly questions like “Didn’t you just workout yesterday?” or “Why do you eat (insert food name), I’d rather just “enjoy” life.” Like minded people just get it. So yes get some in your life!