I don’t know about you guys but, I remember important details, feelings, and lessons in the form of a picture or image in my mind. Then after I recall the image, all of the feelings come rushing back from whatever that image means to me. Following this are the details, events, and consequences associated with this memory. This is a powerful tool that I use. I also think of it as a unique gift that I have.
I will give you a quick example. So, I have a memory from when I was about three years old. It may be the earliest recollection from my childhood. I know I was this age because I had to look waaaay up to see this sign that sat on my grandmother’s china cabinet that said “NOELLE.” It had little elves climbing all over the letters. In fact, I can remember all of her decorations in her home because I helped her decorate each and every year. Christmas was her favorite holiday. So, here come the emotions from this image and the memory.
Back to my point, the rising sun. I teach elementary students online. (It’s the coolest job ever, btw.) We are reading about Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. In church on Sunday, the priest opened his homily with the image oft. (That is when I knew this would be my next writing piece.) This sun sat on the back of George Washington’s chair. During the writing of the Bill of Rights, Benjamin Franklin would look at this image and wonder, “Is it rising or setting?” So, he was asked later about the image. The reporter wanted to know if it was rising or setting. He made the decision then that the sun was definitely on the rise representing the rising of a new nation.
Most days, I feel extremely overwhelmed by all of the different things going on in my life. I need a focus point to keep pushing forward. This is one image I choose to use, The Rising Sun. It reminds me that I have accomplished so much! It reminds me that I have so much responsibility and purpose because I am capable and I am making a difference.
Ashley Horner - Fitness Model
Ashley Horner is a symbol or a picture for me to remind myself that many, many, things are possible through tenacity and hard work. She is a force that I recognize and admire because like all of us we strive to be more and to make a difference and a positive impact every single day.
So, find your picture, mojo, focus, or role model and make the choice that the sun is rising onto bigger and better things. Keep on keeping on!!!!
Is your sun setting or rising today?