Ashley Horner Running on Beach with Stroller
After a discussion with a friend of mine on how easy it is as moms to lose ourselves in the whole “mommy role”, I was quickly reminded that a few short years ago, I too was always in “mom mode”.  I forgot to take care of myself.  I chose to push my needs, wants, and goals to the side.
I’ve had many discussions with other moms about this and I don’t think it’s only stay-at-home moms, I believe working moms go through the struggles and battles within.
You know what battles I’m talking about! We begin to feel guilty, we over think things. You begin asking if what you are doing is ok, do you spend enough time with your children, your husband, etc… Let me just say, YOU ARE AMAZING!
I think it’s very important that we find something that helps us evolve into better moms, wives, friends, all in all a better person.
When I began running I was able to become that. It felt like I was shedding the old me and the negative thoughts I had about myself slowly began to diminish. I found something outside of my kids and husband that made me happy! Something I could be proud of; setting goals that I thought were impossible or had never thought about doing 10 years ago and now accomplishing them. That made me feel so damn good!
It makes my heart happy knowing that my kids are amazed at what their “old mom” (I’m not really that old) can do! It’s nice hearing my husband say he’s proud of me and acknowledges that running is my thing, and it’s not just a hobby, in a sense it has molded me into who I am now.
I think about where I am today…I’m amazed at what I am capable of, I am amazed that our bodies can accomplish ANYTHING we set our minds to. Feeling strong is beautiful and being at peace with who you are is a beautiful thing.