Mettle + Monolith Bundle

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Get my upper body trainer Mettle + my lower body trainer Monolith together and SAVE $10

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Save $10 and buy Mettle & Monolith together!


Mettle is a 6 week upper body supplemental training program that is perfect for all levels of fitness. You can take this training program to you home or get it done at the gym. I had so much fun creating this program, and inside you’ll find out why!  My inspiration was here because I wanted to produce an excellent upper body strength program that could go with the very popular lower body program Monolith.


Monolith is a high intensity leg trainer to build and sculpt the perfect legs that you’ve wanted. In my experience you must train your lower body in both volume and power. I’ve taken the exact blue prints on how I train my legs- and I’ve made it available for all of you. With this trainer not only will you see an increase in your strength and power physically, but visually you will notice cuts and definition like you’ve never seen before.

This training program is a supplement trainer, it’s intended to be used three times a week. However when you start this training program and you find that you are extremely sore please let the majority of your soreness (lactic acid) get out of your body before you hit the weight room hard once again.

 Training facility recommended.

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