Kallos Sthenos


Kallos Sthenos is a six-week bodyweight calisthenics training program. Workouts are five days a week, and you can do them inside a hotel room, at your house or even at the gym.

Equipment Needed: Box or Bench is recommended.

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Kallos Sthenos is a six-week bodyweight calisthenics training program.

Calisthenics is turning basic functional movements into a high power, high explosive training session moving into the weight room. Despite what many may think, you can endure an intense training session using only one piece of equipment… and that is yourself. You can become your own tool. You can begin to work on your alignment, your focus and your intensity using the power of your own bodyweight.

With this 6-week training program, you will see progression throughout each phase. There is running included 1-2 days a week and will increase in intensity and distance as the program progresses. You will be challenged and asked to do more than you did the week prior. Show up every day with intention. Have a purpose, and be open to change.

– Ashley


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