Motivated or Committed

Motivated or Committed

Motivation is a word that I feel can be thrown around a little too loosely. I cannot count how many times people have said to me “you’re so motivated” or “I wish I was as motivated as you” or “I’ll start once I’m motivated.” If I only trained when I was motivated I would probably train half as much as I do. That being said, I am committed to my training, I am consistent and I have a very strong work ethic, all traits which serve me better in the long term than relying on the occasional days where I am super motivated.

Ashley Horner Hybrid Training Program
I have just started #Hybrid and I am absolutely loving it, it has reinvigorated me, after focusing on marathon training for the best part of this year. Five weeks out from the race I was sidelined with an impending stress fracture after having constant lower leg issues. For someone like me who always finishes what they start, this was a bitter pill to swallow. It would have been very easy for me to simply stop training completely. I did stop running, however, my commitment to my health and fitness would never allow me to quit altogether. Having done far too may pre-seasons in my life I have absolutely no desire to start from scratch, better to maintain than to detrain.

Hybrid has giving me the kickstart I needed, to really pick things up a notch again. So I guess in a way my motivation levels are higher, but trust me when I was doing burpee box jumps the other day it was just an iron will that got me through. I was in the “hurt locker“ or “pain cave” whatever you want to call it. After round three of six, I told  myself that five rounds would be okay, of course I finished the entire six.

Give yourself permission to not to feel motivated all of the time, to only enjoy 80% of your training each week. That is dedication, that is getting the work done and just grinding it out. Embrace the days where everything falls into place and you kill every last second of your workout, they are not as common as you think they are.

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