What are all these? How do we get there? How important are these?
The answers to these questions will be different for each and every person.

Ashley Horner at American Sled Dogs Virginia Beach

What is mentally tough for one person may not be hard for someone else and what is easy for someone may be the toughest for another person. Mental toughness comes down to persevering through what is hard. Pushing through and grinding. It doesn’t necessarily mean fitness. Pursuing a dream, overcoming negative opinions, pushing through a hard class, even finding patience when you’re being pressed from every direction.
Fitness can help you find that mental toughness needed to get through life. Pushing through a hard set, lifting a weight you didn’t think you could, attempting a new movement pattern, or even walking into the weight room for the first time. All of those are obstacles that need to be overcome, and each and every time you overcome something you strengthen your mind.
My struggle with this is real, I know at times I let my world overwhelm me, I can succumb to self-doubt and sometimes let it eat away at me. When I put my hands on the iron I am reminded of who I really am. I am a mother, I am a sister, a daughter, a friend, and an athlete.
I am also a survivor. I lived in my own version of hell for almost 3 years. It’s gradual, silent, and goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Living with someone, giving your heart and soul to them and having them degrade who you are wears on the soul and eventually you start to believe it. You see what they are saying as true.
If you are lucky you can find something or someone to motivate you to get out. Once you get out, you have to find out who you are again. I discovered who I am because of weights. Lifting, getting stronger, discovering who I am through the iron. I truly have been “forged by iron” as Ashley says.
My life has been changed and I have my self-confidence back. I still walk on my tip-toes because of some things, I still struggle with feeling comfortable. This is where my mental fortitude comes in. This is where I have to fight for my mental strength.
Discover where your mental resilience will come into play, work on it, strengthen it and whatever you do don’t give up, don’t give in to your doubts, and grow within yourself. You’ll amaze yourself with what you can achieve.