The Unbroken Movement Foundation was created to help battered and abused women find beauty in strength once again. I am happy to say that after this idea was conceptualized during the fall of 2015, we are in the final stages of becoming an official foundation through the government! Our home base is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We have developed a close working relationship with a shelter in North Carolina, and after a recent visit to that shelter and speaking to the women, we have decided to help the home raise money so to help with a deteriorating roof and whatever else is needed to get the home in shape. Once the roof is no longer leaking, they will be able to open another bedroom to protect another family trying to escape domestic violence.
Unbroken Movement Foundation by Ashley Horner
These women have made the first very brave step to get out of the abusive relationships they were in and seek help. But they have to ask themselves, “What’s next?” What is their plan of action? Many of these women have no prior education and no established trade. This is where my coffee shop, American Brew, located on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, has come into the works. Within 6-9 months of opening our doors, my goal is to be able to employ these women to teach them a trade, responsibility, and good work ethic. Not only is the community in need of a great coffee shop, but I believe the women coming out of these shelters are in need of jobs to help move them forward. From there we will take whatever steps necessary to help propel them toward independence as they close that broken chapter of their lives.
Ashley Horner running 280 miles
In efforts to raise money for the Unbroken Movement Foundation, I will be running 280 miles from Virginia Beach to North Carolina on April 9th. This journey will kick off the foundation in efforts to bring community and nation-wide awareness to the Unbroken Foundation. On the run, I will be escorted by a team of people to get me safely and effectively from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. I will be asking for people along the East Coast to follow our live feed and to meet me along the way to run a few miles with me. Prayers and donations are equally appreciated. Moving forward, the details of these shelters and the women we are helping will be kept undisclosed to protect the victims and families. If you have any questions and would like to get involved in your state, please email us at For many states, we have captains who are ALREADY positively impacting a shelter in their community.

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