I don’t know about you but I am constantly focused on the end goal, so much so I lose sight of the in-between steps needed to get there!
I discredit what I’ve done so far because it’s not where I want to be. The people we see highlighted on social media shows us the end result, they show their highlight reel. We don’t see the struggles, the pits they’ve been in, the tears, or the failing. That has made me feel very isolated in the past, alone in my own struggles toward getting fit again. I started sharing my journey on my social media outlets, because of this very reason, I always felt alone. I wanted to share, though it may take a long while, the tears and the struggle.
Ashley Horner - #BeMoreHuman
Ashley always tells us to be more human and there is such a lack of that online. We are all able to connect and be connected so easily yet so many people feel alone. Perfection does not exist nor will it ever. That’s not the point. The point is simply this: Glorify the little successes! Celebrate on how far you’ve come, fitness-wise, mentality-wise, financially-wise, however! Celebrate the baby steps. Anyone wanting to skip those cannot fully achieve the end goal.
It’s through the storm we grow not by dodging and skipping. Time and effort makes us wiser, humble, and sturdy. Of course the storm is frightening! But our fears don’t define us, what we do in spite of fear does, and every effort we take against fear to better ourselves is a step closer to becoming the kind of people we want to be; the kind of people needed in this world…stronger, more resilient people who encourage others to grow as well. Don’t be afraid to share the struggles, it what makes us human, but dwelling on them is something entirely different. Acknowledge the feeling, then grow from it. Don’t let what you speak to yourself, or what anyone says defeat the light shining from within you.