Jackie Manzione

Jackie Manzione

I completed your Becoming Extraordinary program! When I first purchased and read through it, I was scared. I said to my boyfriend “I think I made a mistake I cannot complete this.” He refused to hear me say I can’t and then I remembered I wanted this challenge. It took me two years to lose 22 pounds and I was in a rut. I needed something to challenge me. With every phase I did my best! I was intimated with every phase but I attacked them and I was able to complete it. I am so proud of myself and learned that just because it’s hard does not mean its impossible. I had to get out of my head and just do it!!!

I started the program at 166 lbs with 34% body fat. Twelve weeks later, I am now 154 lbs with 30% body fat. My measurements have all gone down as well. The pictures are the best part because I can see the change!! I still have a ways to go but I am finally proud of the progress I have made! I cannot wait to start Magnify You on Monday!

Thank you

Jackie Manzione (Jax Manzione)

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