Horner Elite Team


The HORNER ELITE TEAM is a group of individuals who go through a rigorous selection process. This commitment must be as important and serious for you as it is for me. Your success, regardless of your goals or current fitness level, is my goal. This group is for clients who want an elite level of training that is customized to their level of advancement. The program provides education and is geared for each individual’s needs. This program is not a competition or show prep, but rather a push for those of you who want that drive to increase your performance. There is nothing better than excelling in your training and being ahead of the game. 

At this time, I am only accepting 10-12 clients so I can keep that personal connection with each of you. You will need to commit to at least two months, which breaks down to eight weeks of training.

The price for HORNER ELITE training and being a part of the exclusive HORNER ELITE TEAM (HET) is $289 per month and includes a sample nutrition plan. For an additional $50, you can consult with our nutritionist to receive a more customized meal plan tailored to your needs. 


What are the benefits of being an HET Member, and what is included?

HORNER ELITE is a completely different style of training, customized to each member depending upon individual goals and level of training.

There are only a select 10-12 spots available, and to be a part of the HET is a great honor. 

You will have contact with me via email. Communication and questions are returned within 24 hours.

How do I become a member of the HORNER ELITE TEAM?

Once your application has been reviewed and a selection has been made, you will receive an invoice from our billing department for the first month. Once your payment is complete, you will receive a testing phase equal to one week to see where you stand depending on testing week and goals. 

I ask that you give me one week to create your training program because they are created from scratch. This week will help me determine what your plan will entail and what level you are currently at with your training.

What’s Required?

  1. A completed application. The more you can answer for me, the better I can create a training program customized for you. 
  2. You must agree to commit to two months of training, under contract, and you cannot cancel until your two months are completed. After your two-month agreement, I ask that you give me a 20-30 daynotice that you no longer wish to continue. If you don’t plan on continuing after contract date, I still ask that you let me know 20 days in advance. 
  3. Once accepted, my billing department will send you an invoice. Payment must be made before your given start date of training.
  4. The price for HORNER ELITE training and being a part of the exclusive HORNER ELITE TEAM (HET) is $289 per month and includes a sample nutrition plan. An individualized plan can be created for you for an additional $50.
  5. You must be willing to commit and follow my training regimen exactly as it is with as much effort as possible. If I do not feel like you are progressing as you should be, I will reevaluate you and your placement group with your goals and decide how we should proceed. 

Agreement Requirements

  1. I have the right to drop you at any point during your training if I deem it necessary.
  2. If you have specific dietary needs, a plan can be made to fit your needs for an extra $50 per month. (This additional fee may be only a one-time cost but depends on how often you want your plan adjusted for you.)
  3. No training should be duplicated or shared for any reason at any time; if caught, your training regimen will be pulled, and legal action will be taken immediately.
  4. Payment for training needs to be paid in full no later than the given start date of your training. There are no exceptions.
  5. You must give billing one month advanced notice if you are planning on putting the training on hold. 
  6. You will be asked to agree to a waiver at the beginning of the application.