Ashley Horner
Hopes and Dreams……Are they just Smoke and Mirrors????
As a small child we dream, we see things on television and meet people in our daily lives that inspire us….we gently tug on our parents pant leg and p0int and say “I wanna be her!!” and stare in amazement. Our loving parent, politely pats us on the head and says “well kiddo, if you work hard and keep trying your best, you will make it happen.” Well at least that’s what my parents told me.
By the time I was 6 years old, I had approximately, 9756 things I wanted to be and do in life. 9752 of them……weren’t actually jobs that would make any money, or for that matter, jobs that even existed. But they were dreams and they were MINE.
With the introduction of dreams, follows hope… defined by Webster: HOPE is an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on and expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. A VERB: “to expect with confidence” and “to cherish a desire with anticipation.”
Why do we hope? Why do we lose hope? After the age of 6 when you realize that your dreams can only come into fruition if you have hope and keep that hope……but what if they don’t come true? What if you fail? You lose that hope. But at 6, you can brush it off, because you have 9755 other dreams to hope will come true. As life goes on, your dreams change based on your environment and outside influences. Every 4 years, as a young gymnast, I TOTALLY thought the Olympics were in my future…..for the love of Pete, I could actually stay on the beam doing a back handspring! Why WOULDN’T I go to the Olympics?? I felt pretty confident. Well until I went for that back handspring on the beam the following week and split the beam….feeling somewhat like the wishbone taken from Turkey Tom and split by your crazy aunts at dinner. YOWZA, maybe the Olympics were shooting too high on the hope scale of things. Following a huge fail, you adjust and set your hopes a little lower, and you mess up/get injured/get discouraged, and you keep bumping that hope level down again and again to the point of saying “effffff it…..clearly this isn’t for me” Kind of like I did with my dream to be an ice cream taste tester, I mean……is that really even a job? (if so……Halo Top Ice Cream……if you need help, im sooooo available!)
Flash forward through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood. Hopes and dreams of our youth have lessened…..somewhat like our fast metabolism. Our fleeting thoughts of hopes and dreams as a child have changed into realistic current life situation hopes and dreams…..A good job, good benefits, a wonderful and caring spouse, gorgeous and healthy children, a ripped post baby body, good retirement, a house that cleans itself, and a spouse that puts their own underwear in the hamper 5 days out of 7. We can all dream…….right?? But what if those things don’t happen? What if you don’t get them like you did in your childhood dreams and Barbie playing?
Do you give up? Do you lose hope? Some people may, some people will “settle” on something that is “good enough” to satisfy their life goals like a grocery store checklist. Some people will stay the course and instead of waiting for their dreams to come true…..they will MAKE them come true. Oh you say, “but what happens when you’ve been crushed, betrayed, disappointed, beyond repair, lied to, cheated on? **pause for brief commercial example ** Have you seen the Little Debbie commercial with the adults doing “adult work” and the little kiddos dressed just like them? The mini’s are reminding the adults what “fun” was and what “rewarding yourself” for hard work is like (with Little Debbie, of course) And the adults look so happy and grateful for the lesson from the mini (or maybe it’s the snack…..not sure)** maybe we all need a “Little Debbie” break from our daily life???
That being said, taking your negative and making it your positive, turning what hurt you into what drives you, is a great mentality to have when that hope is lost……The saying “straighten your bun, stand up tall and handle that shit” is perfect!
Remind yourself that you CANNOT quit…..there is always someone watching, looking to you for motivation. You are someone’s idol. Remember……where would YOU be if YOUR idol had given up??
Hope and Dreams…….they ARE more that smoke and mirrors……..