Fitness has changed my life and I’m sure so many of you share the same feeling. As a young mom of two in diapers I was drowning in life with no relief in sight. My body was holding onto all the baby weight and skin making me disgusted when looking in those dreaded mirrors. I was desperate to not hate myself anymore. I turned to starving myself and taking pills hoping it would make me skinny and ultimately happy. This is the worst lie I’ve ever told myself. I felt horrible all the time and had no energy to do anything, including being the mom I wanted to be. Social media has made me realize that there are thousands of women who share these thoughts and it breaks my heart. I’m here to tell you that doing a fast track diet to being skinny will not make you happy. I did not realize this until I stumbled across Ashley Horner and her trainers.

#MondayMotivation #AshleyHorner
I started to realize fitness had to be a lifestyle and not a quick fix. My goal was to be strong and empowered like this amazing woman. I started her trainer Magnify You and quickly realized how much my body was capable of. I was lifting heavy and felt a strange confidence I had never felt. It was intoxicating. Lifting quickly became something I HAD to do everyday and not something I just fit in when I could. I felt amazing inside and out with incredible energy to spare. Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle have poured over into every area of my life. My role as a wife and mother benefit so much from me realizing the need to take care of myself first. The biggest surprise of finding this lifestyle has been the inspiration I’ve been to my family and friends. They observed me documenting my fitness journey and followed my example, putting down the diet pills and picking up heavy weights. Each one realizing that skinny does not equal happiness and real progress comes with hard work, not shortcuts. Fitness has changed my life forever and finding Ashley was that turning point. If you’re struggling with finding a direction for your journey, just start one of her trainers and you wont regret it. Wouldn’t it be a shame to go through this life without ever having realized what your body is capable of.