We are all born with innately different and varied talents, strengths, and weaknesses. In Dan Carlin’s  “Hardcore History” podcast (show 58) he speaks about the Spartans and the Greeks. Each side had its own unique assets. The Spartans were respected warriors who pierced their enemies with the bow. The Spartans were masters of raining havoc on their enemies from high elevations and great distances. The Greeks were vicious face-to-face combat soldiers. So, each had their own advantages. But, if you would allow them to switch places they would not be successful. The Greeks had no experience with the bow. The Spartans would be easily defeated with a spear in hand and enemies right before them.
So, this is very true for ourselves, warriors of our own merit. Our goal is not annihilation with weapons but we are warriors all the same. Some weeks I wonder how I made it through that week. Whew.  You know what I mean. We are all busy, busy, busy. We push as a soldier pushes in the battlefield. I will make it to that place where I can blast my music, do what I want, and go however hard I must for that day. I am speaking about the gym, of course.
Don’t waste your talents, time, and effort. Know your strengths and weaknesses. The Spartans did not go into the valley to meet the Greeks. It takes planning, timing, and thinking. There are so many options to choose from with Ashley’s programs. Some days, I go in and do Momentum for 30 minutes. Other days, I hit shoulders hard and finish with a Sweet Cake’s day. When I am at home and cannot possibly leave; (If you guys don’t hear from me I might be stuck under a mountain of laundry) I might throw in my favorite leg workout from Recreating You. On another day; I might’ve had to cut the weights too short and I don’t feel like I did enough-on this day-I complete Ashley’s No Rest workout on youtube. That workout takes away that feeling about 4 minutes in. My second Ashley Horner program was Becoming Extraordinary. I knew that she was hardcore on the second day in. I wasn’t working full-time then so, I finished the workouts at one time. When I have less time, I take the runs (from the beginning of some days) and do that in the morning and hit the circuits later that day or another day.

Ashley’s programs rev up your efforts and hold you to a standard that you might not have reached on your own. There are so many what to do? Analyze your needs. Set your goals. Break them up into bite-size, day-to-day pieces. Grab the trainer that will help get you there. (You can email her team.) The trainer is your bow or spear, a tool that will work with your strengths and bring out your weaknesses.  You must simply be the warrior you already are. Go forth warrior and conquer!