Christmas is a time of year that I want to eat all the food and go back for seconds, I want to drink champagne with friends that I haven’t seen for months and I want to make fitness gains. That is what I want BUT I have learned over the years that this is almost impossible. So now my priority goes to friends and family and I aim to maintain my fitness.
I actually enjoy holidays more if I continue to train, I just scale it right back and aim to get a good sweat session in every two days and if I can manage more it’s a bonus. Additionally, I’ll head to the local supermarket with my Mum to do a food stock-up, purchasing plenty of healthy snacks to help keep the sugar cravings at bay. Yes, at times I struggle not being in control of my own food, but fortunately my family are pretty healthy eaters and my Dad in particular loves to cook. One thing I can guarantee is, Christmas Day I will forgo second helpings of turkey so that I can double up on sweets.
Momentum will form the basis of training as minimal to no equipment is needed, I will go for a couple of runs to enjoy different and beautiful scenery and throw in some additional exercises along the way. Just because a particular program stipulates a certain amount of reps and sets does not mean you always have to follow it precisely. For example, if I combine Momentum and a run I might drop the reps or rounds in half and link them in with some running efforts. Another approach is to set a time limit, this works well for me mentally. Therefore, if I don’t complete everything I set out to I am okay with it.
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Combing training programs and doing mash ups of various circuits, utilizing the gym equipment at my parents house is another approach. Fortunately, they have an at home gym which has enough equipment in it to undertake a solid strength session. I might select a leg circuit from Valor, a conditioning circuit from Pipehitter and then finish with some core work. If you remove the rigid mentality that can come with training you will be more at peace with actually doing something. There is always something you can do and having an “all or nothing” mentality simply sets yourself up for failure, especially at this time of year.
This year “the plan” is to also make a couple of casual visits to a local gym, as to whether or not this will actually happen who knows. Finally, I do not let my training impinge on family time, so if that means getting up earlier or training later so be it. If I miss a planned session, I will not beat myself up over it. I want to be talking about the fun times and laughs I had over the Christmas break not how much I trained.