How easy is it to put things off until tomorrow, or Monday, or…next year? How many times do we promise ourselves that we will work on our bodies and minds when the time is right or when life slows down and gives us a break? Oh yeah, been there, done that. Over and over. We waste so much time, so much potential by thinking that way.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein

Yes, by definition, we are INSANE. Year after year we make promises to start a gym, start a program, start a diet, etc. etc. And year after year we fall off and wait until December to make those promises all over again. DON’T be a resolution-er again. Not this year. This year, start now, today, this very second! I’m going to give you a few simple (and underrated) tools and tips for how to be successful starting now through out the new year and to continue for the rest of your life!
5 Tips for being Successful -

Tips for being Successful

Tip #1: Write out your goals

As simple as those words appear, writing out our goals can be a bit stressful! It means putting what we want in words for the future and the future can make us a little anxious. All the more reason to WRITE THEM DOWN. Start with baby goals: goals to achieve per day, per week, and monthly goals. Then move onto writing out your longer term goals: three month, 6 month, goals by the end of the year and so on. Be concise. Be honest. Be real.

Tip #2: Speak only words of life and positivity

Words of life are words that never have an ounce of negativity in them. They are words that are spoken out loud to give yourself and others encouragement. Words of life not only bring happiness to others around you but also help you THINK positively about yourself and the steps you need to take to get to your goals. Once you take the negativity out of conversation it’s like the path is clear for you to run straight to your goals without trying to cut down the thorns of negativity that stand in your way.

Tip #3: One day, one rep, one meal at a time

It is VERY EASY to get overwhelmed when looking at your whole day or week’s To-Do list. Take everything as it comes and don’t look too far forward into the future of the day or week. ENJOY each thing as it comes. Make each rep count in your workouts and in meals each bite should be enjoyed. Slow down. We all have things that need to get done and sometimes there just isn’t time to really savor every minute, but when you can, do.

Tip #4: Follow Through

Whatever you say you are going to do, follow through. This includes promises or your word to others and yourself. Do not speak it out loud if you cannot fulfill. If the only promises you made to yourself are the ones you kept you would accomplish more of what you aim for.

Tip #5: WORK

Changing your outlook and perspective go a long way when it comes to finally putting your goals and baby steps to action. get your mind right and you can go anywhere. Now put your body to work. There are no magic pills or fast fixes to long lasting changes. Changes worth having will NEVER come easy. The women you and I look up to didn’t get to where they are overnight, it took years behind the scenes getting their minds in the right place, their bodies have been put through out the ringer and they have sacrificed much for the sake of THEIR goals.
It will be uncomfortable. It will hurt. You will have to sacrifice the parts of your old life to make way for the person you want to become. But, real talk, that’s what it takes and its MORE than worth it.