Today marks last day of Dialed to Slay! Hated every bit of it but love that 8lbs has lost itself! I think I’ll keep it! 😍😍😍!
Ashley Horner's Dialed To Slay Review
I got very comfortable with getting careless this month honestly and what I was allowing myself to eat PORTION wise and CHEAT DAY. I allowed myself to eat off the chart all day knowing better but it happens. And this was the result of that. This was beginning of April. I still posted pics but not with confidence because I felt the weight gain. I had a friend send me this program and glad she did. 8lbs down and 3″ off my waist! Won’t be eating that way again! But reminds me no matter what or who we are we are still human and will fall at times. Key is to always get up! – Veronica Pantoja

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