Condition That Engine

Condition That Engine

Our bodies are built for hard work and when we don’t work them enough is when we start to see disease and deterioration set in. Lifting weights is only one form of training. For most people in the gym, their least favorite thing to do is cardio, or what I like to call it conditioning.
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Don’t get complacent with your training, push yourself to new levels and performance.

Conditioning is good for your heart, increases your lung capacity so you’re able to climb a set of stairs with ease. Cardio or conditioning can also help reduce the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other things. Getting in your conditioning doesn’t have to take up its own day and miss out on your weight training. You can do cardio with your weight lifting.
When you hear the word cardio, you’re probably thinking 30+ boring minutes on the elliptical or having to run a dreadful mile on the treadmill. No what Im talking about should take up less than 20 minutes of your workout and you can still include your weight lifting as well.
Here is a full body exercise that includes conditioning.
This is a workout that you can do up to twice per week. You can also time yourself and add or take away exercises depending on what equipment your training facility has available. The key here is to pick a heavy-weight exercise and pair it with a lighter-weight or body-weight cardiovascular exercise.
Repeat 3 times

  • Back squat x10
  • Burpees x20
  • Box Step-Ups x20

Repeat 3 times

  • Deadlift x5
  • Thrusters x15
  • Spiderman x15

Repeat 3 times

  • Shoulder Push Press x6
  • Plate Overhead Walking Lunges
  • 1/4 Mile Run

Repeat 2 times

  • 100 Jump Ropes
  • Bench Press x5
  • Barbell Roll-Outs x10

Keep that heart pumping, your muscles guessing, and those lunges in full use!

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