So, those of you who have been following my Blogs, I’ve been talking about Clean Eating the past 3 or 4 days, this morning I want to talk about the behavior behind eating. First of, we discussed the importance of eating breakfast and how it jump starts our metabolism, we then discussed ‘clean eating & really what it means and the benefits and yesterday we talked about food timing 6 small meals a day. I have a blog on that talks about all of this together, so I can post a link to that. When you wake up and look at your day think of it like an ALLIGATORS mouth like this > start your day off with the biggest meal and slowly decrease in size. Think about this, you wake up, your rushed dont eat breakfast, maybe grab some lunch on the go then you get home and you are 1. Tired and Exhausted, 2. ready to just relax and wind down 3. you are STARVING! you then continue to eat a huge meal and fall asleep. Its the way we grew up, dinner- big meal. Your body is beginning to slow down at night, when you eat a lot and go to bed, yes your body continues to burn calories even while you sleep but not as much as durning the day. Therefore, most of it will be stored and little will be used for energy. So, begin to eat a bigger breakfast. Stick with your snacking all day long. You wont be ‘STARVING’ at night for dinner. And, try and eat little or no carbohydrates for dinner. (these carbs include- potatoes, pastas, breads, crackers). Why no carbs? The reason is this, Your body does not need the carbs for fuel. So omit them, you will wake up hungry in the morning and you will devour a breakfast of champions. Dinner = protein & greens! > alligator mouth. & continue to eat 6 meals a day. drink a lot of water.