I know you guys are anxiously awaiting some recipes that I said I would post, but if you know me at all, Im very big on teaching and not just telling. Its so important that you guys learn to make healthy decisions but even more important you’re understanding why you’re changing and how its effecting your energy levels.   So to explain this as easy as I can, Most of you have heard that its best to eat 5-6 small meals a day but do you know why? I eat all day long, & Im never hungry.  The key to eating 6x a day is to beat the ‘growling’ stomach, I’ll explain why in just a second.  But those of you who are eating 3 meals a day some 2 meals a day are doing more harm than good.  Your body runs off of energy right?! It runs off of what you feed it. So that being said, when you choose to go 1/2 a day without fueling or even 4 hours, your body it begins to go into a fasting state, meaning it stops burning, your metabolism slows WAY down.  At that time, once you decide to eat, your brain will tell your stomach that it more hungry than it really is, only to store the food you eat preparing for another ‘fasting’ state. Its all about blood sugar levels.  When you eat 2-3 meals a day your causing your energy levels & blood sugar levels to climb to the extreme high and crash at an extreme low.  But you need to create little bunny slopes all throughout the day.  So every 2.5-3.0 hours we are eating, so you never crash, your metabolism stays at a burning state and energy is high.  So this far we’ve learned  3 things… what clean eating is, and why we should eat ‘CLEAN’, yesterday It was the importance of eating breakfast & today you learn or had a refresher on why you need to eat 5-6 meals a day. You think that sounds hard… ? I promise its not. stay tuned, I will continue more later.