Okay first thing I’m going to hit on is the topic clean eating. Do you know what that is or what it means? Clean eating makes up foods mainly from the earth. It doesn’t necessarily mean ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ it simply means choosing foods such as Nuts, veggies, beans, lean protein (chicken, eggs, turkey, fish) fruits Whole grains natural peanut butter and anything else you can find in it most natural form. Think of it like this.. When you are at the market, stay away from all the center isles. They will pack the most processed foods. How else do you think it lasts forever on the shelves. Some of you are trying to make healthy changes in your lifestyle, but dont go grab some canned soup just yet, even the healthy choice brands have to be cooked and recooked 3 or more times before they even can it & the sodium content is outrageous. So you say… okay got it. Now what, sounds kinda boring. Right? WRONG, think again. I am going to start posting recipes up here that are quick/healthy and pretty clean to help get you going in the mornings. Now granted our goal is to stay clean right? away from all the processed foods sometimes there is no way around it, but if you make the MAJORITY of your cooking clean everything else will go lets say unnoticed !