Better Sex

Better Sex

Ashley Horner

Tips for a better lay.

Sex just doesn’t happen at night, when the lights are out and its dark out. It can and should happen at any moment of the day. I want to give you some exercises to start adding into your training for better sex and also for your everyday life. You don’t need a dark room to feel confident in yourself. Have enough confidence to get a little crazy with the lights on. Most importantly have confidence in yourself. This goes a long way in the bedroom and your partner will notice your confidence. Which in turn will cause them to only want you more!

  1. Drink lots of water
    As silly as this seems water is so good for the skin making it soft and supple.   Not only does this make your skin soft, but it aids in your natural fluids down under.  Being hydrated also helps with muscle cramps.   Nothing is more of a mood changer than after you start getting hot and heavy, you yell cramp and grab your hamstring or the back of your calf.   
  2. Avoid foods that make you bloated
    I’ve been there, the bloat is never a friend of mine and as soon as I eat anything that makes me bloated I throw on a baggy shirt and sweats.  Find those foods that can easily make you bloated and keep them out of your diet. For me, it’s anything dairy, i.e. milk, cheese, some whey proteins, broccoli and cauliflower.   
  3. Eat smaller meals
    Eat small meals all through out the day to avoid being overly full. The last thing I want to do is drop my pants after eating a 3 course meal.   Keep it light, eat often and drink lots of water.
  4. Strengthen your core
    Everyday you should be working the abs. The stronger the core, the better the hip thrust. Nobody likes the dead fish that gets tired in 60 seconds. So really focus on strengthening the core. Check out my core trainer: CRUX!
  5. Work that ass and those legs
    When I get picked up and wrap my legs around him as he’s standing, the only thing holding me up besides his hands on my ass are my legs being strong enough to hold me in place. So think about your core and work on this exercise: CLAM SHELLS. Add some resistance with bands to strengthen your abductors and adductors. You can find these exercises in my booty trainer SWEET CAKES
  6. Improve flexibility
    I’ve naturally always been pretty flexible, having a background in dance and gymnastics. But if you focus on your flexibility this will allow you to be in much better positions and hold them for much longer.   
  7. Get out of the bedroom
    Make a deal with your partner that you are off limits to having sex in the bedroom until every room/table in the house is covered… this keeps it fun, exciting, and interesting.
  8. Don’t be afraid to talk and experiment
    So many times sex is done in complete silence. Don’t be silent, get aggressive and let your partner know what you like, and what you want to try. And ask them what they like or what they want to try.
  9. Now my number one advice for having amazing sex is to use Coconut Oil!
    Hands down, the best. Even if you don’t need lubrication just try it. But please don’t use the same jar of coconut oil in the bedroom that you’re cooking with… 

Now go grab him (or her) and get busy!

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