I have never been a skinny girl. I went through a period, like many women do, when I thought that the only way to fit in and love myself was to see a certain number on the scale. Every time I weighed myself and the number hadn’t moved, I felt like a failure. I weighed myself multiple times a day, and if the number went up or down a couple of pounds from morning to evening, my sense of self-worth did as well. I was a slave to the scale, and it governed my life. It told me I would never reach my goals.
The world pressures us to conform to a certain standard. I thought I had had to conform to that standard. Until one day, I realized I didn’t. I started embracing my body, my health, my strength. My wish for you, for all of us, is to crush ideologies that have made generations of women turn to diet pills, fad diets, and eating disorders. Today, right now in this moment, we can learn to FIND BEAUTY IN STRENGTH. That means we can fall in love with ourselves, our bodies—whether they are thin, thick, curvy, boxy, whatever. Set positive goals for yourself like hitting a new PR (personal record), run your first 5K, max out your pull ups, and continue to be your own biggest competition. Fall in love with your body, take care of it, and watch it transform in ways you never thought possible.
Be mindful of your use of the scale. Most of us fluctuate in weight by a couple of pounds daily. If the number on the scale is driving your sense of achievement or worth, take a break from it or try to just weigh in once a week or every two weeks. You are so much more than that number, and that number does not measure your strength. Go find beauty in your strength! I Rig for Pain



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