It’s 2017 and the world is busier than ever. I dare to argue that the busiest group of labor laden individuals are mothers. The job of a mother does not start and end with her children, it’s a never-ending list of job duties that are not disclosed when a woman embarks on the journey of motherhood. Dishwasher, chauffeur, cook, maid, accountant, teacher, correction officer, math tutor, project coordinator, the list goes on and on. Why must we be labeled as these individuals that have the sole purpose of serving others? We don’t have to.
Being titled a mother or a wife does not close the doors to amazing opportunities that you, the woman, could embrace. You’re still that same feisty girl that knew the world was at her feet. Most mothers struggle to find their own purpose and drive when they get lost in the lifetime job of taking care of their children and husbands. I can say that I am one that struggled immensely finding my own purpose and happiness outside my family. Like many of you mommas out there I found myself immersed in caring for others needs and happiness while leaving my own needs on the sidelines. We become so busy devoting our time, energy, and efforts towards others we lose sight of what really makes us happy and gives us purpose.
Ashley Horner - BE SELFISH
I challenge you to take a step back and really take a look at your life and where you devote your time. Do you leave any time for yourself? I know most of you will find that you leave yourself as the last priority in your daily routine. It’s time to be selfish and realize that it’s okay to go to the gym for an hour, get a massage, or drink wine with your girlfriends. You cannot be the best mom, the best wife, or the best friend you can be if you aren’t taking care of you. You need to be a priority in your own life. You cannot give 100% of yourself to those who need you if you aren’t giving yourself 100%.
I finally found my purpose and happiness in helping others with their health and fitness goals. It was the moment I decided to make myself a priority. I found happiness inside the gym walls surrounded by iron and individuals with the same goals as my own. I now realize I can be a mom, wife, personal trainer, friend, and powerlifter without sacrificing efforts towards any one of them. Excelling at all areas of your life is possible and over time you find the balance that will allow you to be 100% at everything. Remember to make yourself a priority in your life, you are worth every effort and deserve to feel happy and fulfilled. My name is Crystal and mom, not just mom. Be a selfish mom and don’t forget that you’re still Crystal too.