Motivated or Committed

Give yourself permission to not to feel motivated all of the time, to only enjoy 80% of your training each week. That is dedication, that is getting the work done and just grinding it out. Embrace the days where everything falls into place and you kill every last second of your workout, they are not as common as you think they are.

Ashley Horner Glow Run – #AshleyRunsHaiti

Support Ashley Horner in her 230 mile run across Haiti to fund the Maison Fortuné Orphanage school for one full year! Local 5k glow run in Virginia Beach and virtual run no matter where you are. All proceeds will go toward educating the future leaders of Haiti. SIGN...

Are you fighting with a bow or a spear?

We are all born with innately different and varied talents, strengths, and weaknesses. In Dan Carlin’s  “Hardcore History” podcast (show 58) he speaks about the Spartans and the Greeks. Each side had its own unique assets. The Spartans were respected warriors who...

Little Successes

Ashley always tells us to “be more human”. Glorify the little successes! Celebrate on how far you’ve come, fitness-wise, mentality-wise, financially-wise, however! Celebrate the baby steps. Anyone wanting to skip those cannot fully achieve the end goal.