Ashley Horner's Gym: American Sled Dogs

Ashley Horner's Gym: American Sled Dogs

When I moved to Virginia, I had a hard time finding a training center with everything I wanted. It was also hard to get my training time in without interruptions. My purpose in creating American Sled Dogs was to create a unique training space in Virginia Beach where I could train as a hybrid athlete. My intentions were never to open to the public, but to have my own space where I could shut off the world and possibly train a few clients. My training was getting more specific than what Crossfit gyms and their classes offered and local gyms with the televisions, music, and social atmosphere wasn’t my scene either. I am a hybrid. Hybrid athletes work on all areas of fitness: we condition, work on big lifts, plyometrics, functional movements, Olympic lifting, and endurance training.
Ashley Horner's Gym - American Sled Dogs - Virginia Beach, VA
In February 2014, one month after my son was born, I opened SledXDogs to solve my training problem. When I was trying to decide what to call my gym, the idea of a sled dog seemed perfect and personified my idea of training. A sled dog works with a team and keeps working until the job is done, no matter what obstacles appear. Individually, they are strong and determined; together in a pack they are unstoppable. In the Fall of 2014, we changed the name of the facility to American Sled Dogs and kept our signature logo as the X with the American flag printed in it. American Sled Dogs is who we are. Training and hard work is what we do.
Ashley Horner's Gym - Virginia Beach, VA - American Sled Dogs
During each training block, we have a goal for our members. We are not a Crossfit gym, a powerlifting gym, or a strongman gym. When you come to train with us, we do not hold social hour. We lock it in and engage you in the program. Our programming is always designed in-house and customized toward a specific goal. Some of our clients come in the doors having never touched a barbell. After a few weeks at American Sled Dogs, they are perfecting their big lifts. Their confidence soars.
In less than a year, American Sled Dogs has moved to a larger location. We’ve started the Unbroken Foundation for battered and abused women can come and train at the gym for free. We also have scholarship programs for spouses whose loved one is deployed with our military. Since opening American Sled Dogs in Virginia Beach, we now have a sister location in Coronado, California. If you’re ever in Virginia Beach or Coronado, I hope you can stop by and check out American Sled Dogs!
American Sled Dogs - Ashley Horner's Gym

American Sled Dogs offers membership discounts to military and first responders.

New in 2016: Now offering nutrition coaching and online personal training.

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