RockTape & Ashley Horner
Ashley Horner and RockTape is proud to announce their new partnership (some would call it an awesome friendship…)
When I arrived to the RockTape headquarters it was more and better than what I expected. With a warm welcome from a strong, like minded, hard working crew I found that I fit right in. I couldn’t be more excited to grow with this brand and hopefully help all of you with your action of movement to do it all just a little better.
[one-half-first]Ashley Horner and RockTape[/one-half-first]
From RockTape:
Who’s Ashley? She’s an incredible, all-American badass that loves to inspire men and women, young and old, to be the BEST they can be.
She’s also our gorgeous model for our NEW soon-to-be-released taping videos. We shot nearly 50 videos with her, and we’ll be launching them very, very soon.
Ashley, we’re amped to have you on team RockTape!
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