Don’t even think about getting our attention by walking up to an #Ashlete in middle of our sets while we’re catching our breath and ask if we need help. If any man wants to get on our good side then he better take his workouts as seriously as we take ours. No pussy squats — we go hard, and we go deep only have the same expectations for our men. We want a man that can handle our aggressive drive and dedication to the lifestyle.  If you’re a frail body then don’t even waste your time. “Female badass.” Grace Vargas-Padillia


Our society influences us to believe a lie: that we are not capable of being strong, athletic & independent. The world causes us to believe in the woman stigma—that we must be delicate females and depend on other to get work done. #Ashletes think differently; we see the beauty in everything. We display our inner strength with our outward, forward-moving actions.

#Ashletes have been conditioned “to believe in yourself, to believe anything is possible, to believe the impossible may be possible, to have the courage to challenge conventional beauty ideals that want women to look fragile and breakable, to be strong, unique and of course, find beauty in that strength.”- Gita Mooijee


#Ashletes have more training clothes than we do dresses, we don’t give a damn about what we look like and find ourselves changing our clothes more than once a day from knocking it out in the gym or hitting our two-a-days.  We have more tennis shoes then we do heels, but don’t let this fool you. We love to get dressed up and when we do, we blow the doors off. We walk into a room and people notice our changed lifestyle, our attitude and our confidence in the lifestyle we are living.


We eat cold lunches out of Tupperware if we have to. We carry around a gallon of water. Yes, we drink it all, preparing and fueling ourselves for that moment we get to perform.  Practice does not make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.


There is something different that flows through the veins of #Ashletes. There is something that sets us apart: all having a different journey. We walk in the gym with our heads held high, and we are suited up with a new found confidence in ourselves.  We know that our mental strength overpowers any physical strength we might acquire.  Our physical abilities only magnify our mental abilities. “It’s the act of being fierce, focused and feminine. To lay it all down on the line & then cross it.  To dream, achieve and repeat. #Ashletes go beyond ordinary and Become Extraordinary-” Nikki Sterling


You walk into your gym session and you see two completely different people. The one flirting with the guy on the squat rack, walking around, playing on her phone. Then you see that other girl tucked away in the corner, sweat dripping. She picks the barbell up one more time, swiftly cleans it and pushes it up and over her head.  Nothing but the look of determination and pain is painted on her face. Rep after rep she continues to get stronger, unyielding with unharnessed power.

“We never quit & we push ourselves to the next level. We help others in all aspects, we learn to love ourselves and find beauty in our strength. We realized everyone is at different stages of their fitness life and that’s okay.”–  Cristy Stack.


We don’t measure our worth based on insufficient numbers from the face of a scale.  What we once thought fulfilled us up positively only left us with emptiness and battling again with self-acceptance.   We know to throw all of that away and begin to seek our true strength; we set numbers that matter, like our fastest run times, our heaviest lifts, and fill our hearts for the first time with unconditional self-love.   “For the first time I stopped trying to be skinny and focused on being strong. It changed my life.” – April “It means for the first time I stopped trying to be skinny and focused on being strong.” – Jennifer Coats


“Being an #Ashlete is getting out of your comfort zone, turning your worst days into your best. We accept our flaws and through them see that we are beautiful.” – Steffanie Hernandez.  Steffanie says it best when she says we accept our flaws. It’s knowing that we don’t have to be perfect and through our stories we influence others’ lives.  We are not afraid to step outside of what we are accustomed to everyday but challenge our fears and get beyond mediocrity. “Pushing past what you once thought were limits.” -Sha Moore


We have no time for gossip, or the naysayers. #Ashletes walk in, get the job done and walk away leaving a statement.  We don’t stand around or have time to worry about anything that happened before we walked into the gym. We focus on nothing else for that hour we are training; we get sweaty dirty and we are not afraid to tell you you’re bothering us.  Our lifestyle goes “Beyond fitness to living life to its fullest, yet we never use it as an excuse to not train or eat clean.” –Elena Tselish


We never set limits for ourselves. “The only limits are the ones you chose.” -Marion Damas We are not afraid of failure; we only see success out of every trial, knowing the times we hurt are the moments we are riding that thresh hold.  We are ready to push ourselves a little harder than we ever have before.


“Being an #ashlete is not about who looks the best. It’s about who wants it the most.  It’s not about badgering or belittling others to make egotistical gains.  Being an #Ashlete is about finding balance and rolling with the punches.  I have found beauty in my strength and I show that everyday.” Mary Morton


Oh, you have kids? A house to clean? A job to go to? After-school sports to get your kids to on time? Guess what? So do I, and I don’t use that as an excuse. We are all busy, but when you think about something bad enough, nothing will get in your way of accomplishing your goals and living your lifestyle.

“To me it means being the Best Version of MYSELF – physically, mentally and spiritually, looking to others for inspiration, but run my own race. Pushing myself past limits I never thought possible, showing my three girls that you can be anything that you put your mind too. Being proud of myself!”– Lisa Joy


We don’t expect for you to understand, the road we travel isn’t the easiest, we have bad days, trials and moments where we don’t know if we’ll be able to pick ourselves up off the floor. But we are relentless. The passion we have is never ending and pours out of us every minute of the day.

“#Ashletes are women (and men) with an unrelenting commitment to being the strongest and fittest they can be who support and cheer each other on to get there. Sharing a passion for the pursuit of physical excellence and a common bond in our love and respect for, and inspiration from, the amazing Ashley Horner.” Lainie Messina


“Embracing your strength. Actually feeling beautiful because of that strength for the first time in your life. Knowing that you are building yourself into a better mother, spouse, sister, friend — and not simply being selfish working out. Empowered in a sense that enables you to hear the whisper in your ear that you.are.worth.it- And that you can make any dream come true.”– Karen Phillips Littlewood


Being an #ashlete to me means “Pushing yourself beyond limits you never thought possible in EVERY aspect of life. Putting fitness first in order to become faster, stronger, and a better athlete, not just a pretty body. Inspiring others through your hard work and becoming the person that most people only say they wish they could be!” – Cristen Brooks