I learned that during your weakest hour you can prevail into greatness.


“The extent and power of my drive is something that no one can measure or comprehend except myself.”


You can love someone, walk right up to them and say, “I love you.” But to say it without passion, without emotion, is nothing but a mute silence. You can start your training every day and go through the motions without passion, without drive, and without intention. If...


With everything you have, you gotta say, “I’m NOT giving in. I’m going all in.”

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I have never been a skinny girl. I went through a period, like many women do, when I thought that the only way to fit in and love myself was to see a certain number on the scale. Every time I weighed myself and the number hadn’t moved, I felt like a failure. I weighed...


Harness every emotion. Have control and exhale any doubt within you. Stand firm through the storm and remind yourself that you are the one that wakes up and paints the picture you live in every day. You hold the brushes to your canvas; YOU are the author. I learned a...


When you try something new, regardless of what it is, automatically you're the person at the bottom of the totem pole. You're awkward and lack confidence. When you try new things it’s easy to feel inadequate and even uneducated. But you must remind yourself to never...


100 days of total body conditioning that continues to keep your body guessing, transitioning from longer runs, to short explosive HIITS, Heavy lifting and bodyweight destructing workouts. You will even be hitting the pool for laps on your conditioning days. If you...


The original 12 week trainer that changed and continues to change the lives of thousands! Total body toning and sculpting is great for those who already have the muscle development and are ready to lean down. This 12 week trainer includes a 12 week meal program,...


Pipehitter is my most intense trainer yet, turning the average into real life badasses. Pipehitter is a no joke, relentless 8 week trainer that does not slow down. You will be hitting new personal records & taking your overall conditioning to a completely...


Magnify You (magnify yourself) is just that! Making your presence known by increasing your strength and muscle definition while staying lean. Magnify You is a 12 week program encouraging you to lift as heavy as you can and to NOT BE AFRIAD to lift heavy. Magnify You...


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