How To Eat Clean For Dummies

Are you wanting to clean up your diet?  It can be pretty confusing with every label you read going down the "healthy isles" claiming to be a green light for healthy eating. Natural, gluten free, organic, lactose free, sugar free, fat free; can confuse anyone and cause...

Better Sex

Tips for a better lay. Sex just doesn't happen at night, when the lights are out and its dark out. It can and should happen at any moment of the day. I want to give you some exercises to start adding into your training for better sex and also for your everyday life....

Condition That Engine

Our bodies are built for hard work and when we don't work them enough is when we start to see disease and deterioration set in. Lifting weights is only one form of training. For most people in the gym, their least favorite thing to do is cardio, or what I like to call...

Continue to lead by example

Continue to lead by example, and pursue things that are challenging and slightly scary. You will walk away with a newfound confidence that you never knew you had. Let positivity and happiness pour out of you every day. Be emotional and be intentional. Through the hard...

Transformation: I won myself back!

I signed up for the Transform You Challenge because I was hoping it would get me out of my slump. While I would love to win this challenge, I kind of feel like I already have. I won myself back. I truly can’t thank you enough.

Make Your Mark Give Away

Make Your Mark is my first one of a kind TRACK TRAINER, this is a 8 week program designed for you to hit the track 3x a week. This trainer is perfect for increasing your speed & endurance. It can be used alone or paired with another trainer in unison. The reason I...


Quiet the chaos, listen to your heart, and follow that rhythm. Put all life's bullshit on that bar and push it. If you don't control your emotions, they will control you. Have patience, trust yourself, and learn from yourself. Change everything in your life that...

Ashley Horner's Gym: American Sled Dogs

Ashley Horner’s gym, American Sled Dogs, has grown and surpassed goals in just the two years it’s been open. With locations in Virginia Beach, VA and Coronado, CA, American Sled Dogs is meant to breed a different kind of athlete.


There are so many women who feel like they don't have a chance at reaching their goals because the world has created this false image of what the standard type or size is. Women are scared to lift heavy because of this false sense of getting overly muscular, which can...


Walking away just got a little easier!! This 6 week supplemental trainer will build you a nice pair of cakes. If you're looking to tighten and tone this might not be the trainer for you! But if you're looking to get that round perky booty then look no more....


I learned that during your weakest hour you can prevail into greatness.


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