F*** The Scale

The number on the scale should not determine who we are nor should we allow it to define our strengths and beauty inside and out.

Bucket Lists

Ashley Horner has truly helped me grow in so many ways…mental and physical strength, perseverance, grit, confidence…the list goes on and on. She has also helped me re-examine my bucket list…

Be A Selfish Mom

Do you leave any time for yourself? It’s time to be selfish and realize that it’s okay to go to the gym for an hour, get a massage, or drink wine with your girlfriends. You cannot be the best mom, the best wife, or the best friend you can be if you aren’t taking care of you.

Running and Mom-Mode

I think it’s very important that we find something that helps us evolve into better moms, wives, friends, all in all a better person.

Bone Broth Recipe and the Benefits of Bone Broth

There are so many benefits to bone broth, from helping heal your gut to helping your hair grow. It’s chock-full of healthy goodness like amino acids, minerals, collagen, electrolytes. Try this Beef Bone Broth Recipe shared by a Ashley Horner Ambassador.

Festive Season and Fitness: Gain or Maintain

Christmas is a time of year that I want to eat all the food and go back for seconds, I want to drink champagne with friends that I haven’t seen for months and I want to make fitness gains. That is what I want BUT I have learned over the years that this is almost...


Within the past week, the topic of visualization has presented itself to me in various modes of communication – from books I’ve read, to podcasts, to face-to-face conversations. So naturally I decided to spend some time deep diving the topic and give it a little of my...

Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

Ahhhh the holidays. Filled with relatives, presents, cocktails and of course, food. Massive amounts of food. In fact, most of us eat so much from Thanksgiving to New Years that we end up gaining the weight we later resolve to take off. We tell ourselves, "It's the...


Fear is something I have learned to recognize and push past. Now I crave a challenge. I have learned that every time I challenge myself I learn and grow. I have learned that the feeling on the other side of fear feels so much better.

Becoming Alive Again

Be open and willing to listen, listen to your heart and know that everyone who comes in-and-out of your life is there to teach you something.


Transform You April 2021

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