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Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner

Owner | Fitness Celebrity | Entrepreneur

Ashley Horner is a fitness model, celebrity, hybrid athlete, and trainer whose reach and influence extend globally. Her career has seen her establish a strong influence working with military personnel, as Ashley has helped train American SWAT teams as well as personnel at the United States Embassy in France.

In addition to her involvement with the Military, Special Forces, and First Responder community, she continues to work with groups and individuals locally in her home city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Ashley also owns a number of small businesses in the Virginia Beach community like American Brew — a coffee and whiskey shop. Ashley continues to be a leading trainer and professional in the fitness industry, always pushing those who she works with to train like they expect to perform. She knows that having a strong mindset is a key factor when it comes to accomplishing what you set out to do, and it is this kind of disciplined attitude that has allowed Ashley to complete many mind-grueling feats of her own.

She’s always taking on new athletic and fitness challenges that push her body, all to raise money for those in need. Some of her accomplishments include:

Rowing 300 consecutive miles on a Concept 2 machine for Spike’s K9 Fund.

A 280 mile run from Virginia Beach to North Carolina for the Unbroken Foundation.

A 230 mile run in 72 hours along Haiti’s western border for the Maison Fortune Orphanage.

Swimming 300 miles in one month for the Maison Fortune Orphanage Christmas fund.

Cycling 1,350 miles from Virginia Beach to Tulsa, OK for St. Judes Cancer research.

Chariss Finan


As part of Team Horner, Chariss provides excellent customer service ensuring that every interaction is a positive experience. When Chariss is not busy with Team Horner, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Some of her fun activities include: hiking, paddle boarding, roller skating, jumping rope and staying consistent with her fitness.

Christina Merry

Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant with Team Horner, Christina provides administrative support to achieve excellent customer service with social media platforms. When Christina is not busy with Team Horner, she loves her family and gym time! Christina is passionate about fitness and nutrition. She enjoys helping others by encouraging them and inspiring a healthy lifestyle.

Hannah Regis

Designer | American Screen Printing

Hannah has always had a passion for art and design for as long as she can remember. From painting, to sculpturing, to photography, she loves it all. That passion has recently led her to graduate from Radford University with a degree in Graphic Design. As a new designer for American Screen Print, she can’t wait to take each and every opportunity to help grow her knowledge

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