About Ashley Horner


Ashley Horner is a fitness celebrity, hybrid athlete, professional fitness competitor, ultra-runner, triathlete, entrepreneur, and mother to three boys.

She has a background in soccer having an impressive track record in the soccer community, playing at a highly competitive level since she was in her teens. Ashley, authored and sold over 1,000,000 copies of her 16 different training programs, and is a very successful business owner.

In addition to being a massive influencer in the fitness world, Ashley’s entrepreneurial side is equally impressive, as she owns multiple business in her community of Virginia Beach. She’s the owner of world-class fitness facility American Sled Dogs, a children’s fitness community called Sled Pups, and local favorite American Brew, a coffee shop, whiskey bar and restaurant. She also has her own clothing line, Valkyrie Surf & Snow.

Ashley’s driving force is a strong desire to give back and help those in need. She started the Unbroken Foundation in 2013, which was founded to support and aid abused women and children. She also works closely with the Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche, Haiti, and has completed numerous athletic feats to raise money for the orphanage, in addition to regularly visiting them and spending time with the children.

She’s always taking on new athletic and fitness challenges that push her body, all to raise money for those in need. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Rowing 300 consecutive miles on a Concept 2 machine for Spike’s K9 Fund.
  • A 280 mile run from Virginia Beach to North Carolina for the Unbroken Foundation.
  • A 230 mile run in 72 hours along Haiti’s western border for the Maison Fortune Orphanage.
  • Swimming 300 miles in one month for the Maison Fortune Orphanage Christmas fund.
  • Cycling 1,350 miles from Virginia Beach to Tulsa, OK for St. Judes Cancer research.

Ashley is currently sponsored by SteadyMD, BEYOND, Nutrition Solutions, and Ironclad Productions.

Becoming Extraordinary

People will ask you why. They will question you desire and try to question your motivation. They will tell you, “Just make up your workout tomorrow; it’s not a big deal to miss just one day.” They will try and make you feel like what you are doing is silly or pointless or a waste of time.

You must always remember that you are changing for yourself. To better yourself, not them. So don’t worry about what they have to say or what they may think. You want to look back on your journey and feel accomplished that you gave everything you had from day one. No matter where you are starting from, on your journey to Becoming Extraordinary you will feel stronger both physically and mentally, knowing that you overcame challenges that were once hard. You overcame the naysayers and the ones who wanted you to question your dedication.

– Ashley Horner          

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