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Ashley Horner is a fitness model, celebrity, hybrid athlete, and trainer whose reach and influence extend globally. Her career has seen her establish a strong influence working with military personnel, as Ashley has helped train American SWAT teams as well as personnel at the United States Embassy in France.

In addition to her involvement with the Military, Special Forces, and First Responder community, she continues to work with groups and individuals locally in her home city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Ashley also owns a number of small businesses in the Virginia Beach community like American Brew — a coffee and whiskey shop.

Ashley continues to be a leading trainer and professional in the fitness industry, always pushing those who she works with to train like they expect to perform. She knows that having a strong mindset is a key factor when it comes to accomplishing what you set out to do, and it is this kind of disciplined attitude that has allowed Ashley to complete many mind-grueling feats of her own.

Ashley Horner Hybrid Athlete

Here are some of Ashley’s most impressive physical accomplishments to date

Her most recent fitness feat came this past October, as she ran 40 hours as part of her ongoing philanthropic efforts with the Maison Fortune Orphanage in Haiti.


People will ask you why. They will question you desire and try to question your motivation. They will tell you, “Just make up your workout tomorrow; it’s not a big deal to miss just one day.” They will try and make you feel like what you are doing is silly or pointless or a waste of time.

You must always remember that you are changing for yourself. To better yourself, not them. So don’t worry about what they have to say or what they may think. You want to look back on your journey and feel accomplished that you gave everything you had from day one. No matter where you are starting from, on your journey to Becoming Extraordinary you will feel stronger both physically and mentally, knowing that you overcame challenges that were once hard. You overcame the naysayers and the ones who wanted you to question your dedication.

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