About Ashley Horner


Ashley Horner is a dedicated mom and is also dedicated to her health. Looking at her now you would never know it hasn't always been easy for Ashley. After children, realized she would have to help herself recover from two c-sections and stretch marks from her pregnancy, something many women deal with.


She is a pro fitness competitor, triathlete, ran the grand canyon in one day which is 48 miles and is a spokesmodel for bodybuilding.com. She also represents other prestigious companies in the fitness industry like Quest Nutrition & Spider bottle. Ashley is a multi sport athlete and has a background of elite level soccer playing for the Olympic Development team.

Through her journey, Ashley has learned to not only embrace her body but transformed it into what you see today while creating and branding her presence in the fitness industry. She has accomplished all of this while being a single mother to two young boys, she has recently married.

She is now helping others learn how to take their fitness and health to the next level through her Becoming Extraordinary E-book trainers. She is the owner of PHIT magazine and is co-owner of Foreverfitmoms.com with Chady Dunmore together they travel around the country doing Forever Fit Camps and charity events having up to 300 participants at one time.

Born in the heart of Oklahoma; Ashley’s ethnicity is Native American having strong roots in the Choctaw tribe. A country girl raised riding horses bare back around her parents multi-acre ranch. She had no time or any interest of sitting in front of the television, her summers were spent bailing hay, Ashley ran around barefoot playing with animals, catching fireflies at night, and allowing my imagination to be free.

It’s important to me that I come into my own, without influence. My goal is not to be like any particular person but to create my own path. There is not a minute that goes by during the day that I’m not thinking of ways to make myself better. I have the desire to become more rounded as an athlete and a model in the fitness industry. My purpose is to change lives, to lead them to a healthier overall well-being and help them seek the beauty in life.