About Ashley Horner

Thank you for stopping by my page, I hope you stay a while and come back often as my site is always growing.

I am not defined by one particular training sport or training style, I am Pro Fitness competitor, Ultra-runner, Triathlete and love to Cross-train. As the creator of the #BecomingExtraordinary training E-Book series that have been able to reached people all across the Globe to start changing their lives and pushing themselves further than they ever thought possible. I am the owner of the online magazine; PHIT. PHIT Magazine is a magazine to define Physical Health Internally Transforming, capitalizing on the importance of inner healthy, beauty & strength. Recently the Ashley Horner’s Becoming Extraordinary Foundation has been created to raise money to help other women who have a will but need a way already you have helped me raise over 3K with 100% of proceeds going into the foundation. Being the co-creator of the ForeverFit Camps and ForeverFitMoms.com I have partnered with Chady Dunmore and our crusade as best friends to reach girls across the country to encourage them to #FindBeautyInStrength. I am the spokesmodel for bodybuilding.com, and Spiderbottle. I represent Quest Nutrition and Rock Tape as an athlete in the fitness community.

Born in the heart of Oklahoma; my ethnicity is Native American having strong roots in the Choctaw tribe. A country girl raised riding horses bare back around my parents multi-acre ranch. I had no time or any interest of sitting in front of the television, my summers were spent bailing hay, I ran around barefoot playing with animals, catching fireflies at night, and allowing my imagination to be free. An avid soccer player, I played competitive all through my teens and in college playing for the ODP team (Olympic Development Program). It’s important to me that I come into my own, without influence. My goal is not to be like any particular person but to create my own path. There is not a minute that goes by during the day that I’m not thinking of ways to make myself better. I have the desire to become more rounded as athlete and a model in the fitness industry. My purpose is to change lives, to lead them to a healthier overall well-being and help them seek the beauty in life.

I always had a thicker athletic figure, thick legs and a great big booty. I was never one of the skinny girls and the closet thing I ever came to a date was my high school Spanish tutor every other Thursday. I recall soaking my pillows with wasted tears after being rejected by the third guy I asked to Prom. I was shy and awkward being made fun of a little. I think we all were during our high school days. I had a turning point in my life that forever changed me; all it took was a small spark. It caught wind and turned into a bigger flame. It gave me that ‘alive’ feeling. I had been introduced and had fallen in love with fitness. I wanted to know everything about the lifestyle and I began to change my life.

I identified myself with the fitness world. For once I saw and felt that I could be strong have my thick legs and big butt and be beautiful. I found beauty in my strength and not just the scale with that never ending battle of just trying to be thin. I wanted to share my passion with the world and that’s how it all began. The more it gave me the more I wanted to give back. I wanted to give back to others who share the same passion and had the same desire to live a healthier life.

I am a mom, I have two amazing boys who are my rock and continue to bless & amaze me everyday. They remind me to always have fun at fitness and living the fit lifestyle. I am also a single mom, so balance is critical in my life. Every moment has a purpose. We are given 1,440 minutes in a day, these minutes can not be put in a savings account and they don’t roll over to the next day, once that moment has passed we cant take it back. I live everyday with integrity and for a purpose. I am always finding that balance as it changes often with what seems to be going on in my life.